Utilizing Resources from the Food Bank Effectively

You pick up your food from the bank, take it home, and you realize you have so much fruits and veggies and realize you don't know how to store it or you leave them out, and five days later, you have to throw it out, and it all goes to waste. 

Thank you for clicking on this blog, and whether you are getting some food from the food bank or purchasing your fruits and veggies from the store, one way that you can store it and save it for later use is freezing your fruits and veggies. When getting your fruits and vegetables, use vinegar and water to clean your fruits and veggies or the ready made fruit and veggie washes, dry and set aside. After cutting and prepping the veggies, add them to your ziplock bags, make sure the bags are airtight and place them deep in the freezer if you know that you won't be utilizing these fruits and vegetables in the next week, or leave them at the front of the freezer if you will be utilizing this in the next 2-5 days. 

Depending on what type of fruits and veggies you are storing and freezing, when you are ready to use them, you can use the frozen vegetables to prepare soups or thaw the vegetables and then cook them with your meats or whichever meal you are preparing. When freezing your fruits, you can utilize them with smoothies, milkshakes, oatmeals, or can make jams and jellies from scratch. 

Do you know that when freezing fruits and vegetables, they are as fresh as fruits and vegetables that are not frozen? Freezing fruits and vegetables does not take the nutrition value out of them and you can enjoy them and have the same benefits as you would if they were fresh. There are fruits and vegetables that are only ready and ripe during its season, but when you freeze fruits and veggies, when you eat them out of season, it will still be as fresh as it was when it's in season. Being able to freeze fruits and veggies will also give you the opportunity to store them for later use, especially if the food bank is the only place you are receiving fruits and veggies for the week. This way, you can actually use them in your favorite cultural dishes without it going bad having to waste food by throwing it out, and also being able to try new recipes!