The Truth about Malnutrition

No one tells you the reality of malnutrition, and how it affects many Americans today. Malnutrition is defined as the lack of proper nutrients in the body that includes a poor diet, digestive conditions and other diseases. 

When we see the term malnutrition, we think of third world countries or kids who are living in poverty with a lack of clean water and food. Although these are other examples of malnutrition, many Americans are malnourished. With a vast amount of food being provided to us, isn't it ironic and even unbelievable how many Americans are considered malnourished?

The reason why it affects so many people is due to the lack of nutrients that you are getting in your meals on a daily basis. A lot of families are in the calfresh program and rely on it 100% so other bills are paid. When doing this, the first few weeks of receiving their benefits, they are able to eat a variety of meals, which then allocates the rest of the month to pinching pennies and maximizing their benefits the best way many can, through buying easily accessible and inexpensive food. 

Malnutrition is caused in many ways; through a lack of income, lack of time and also through choice. Understanding good nutrition techniques is not a topic that comes easily to people, which is why they are also eating more calorie dense meals instead of nutrient dense. 

Nutrient dense meals are meals that provide nutrition in your body like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats. Calorie dense meals are meals high in fats, sugars and simple carbs. Examples of simple carbs is your typical sweets, cake, sugar, and candy. They give you a quick burst of energy, and that energy leaves your body as fast as it enters your body. Foods that are more complex, known as complex carbs, are whole grains, starches and fiber. These foods take a while to digest which leaves you with a great amount of energy for your body to move like it is supposed to do. 

Eating a more nutrient dense diet can become easy, especially if you have the knowledge on what foods to eat.

I hope what you took away from this blog post today is how to add more of these nutrient dense type of foods in your diet so you can have a well balanced meal.