Sunday Dinners

$60 (once a month)

$115 (twice a month)

$165 (three times a month)

$200 (four times a month)

Enjoy a culinary adventure while supporting refugee women entrepreneurs! By Tuesday of each week, you'll decide whether you would like to pick up your Sunday dinner for four from St Luke's (delivery included within 10 miles of downtown).  The menu will change weekly and range across a number of world cuisines.   Vegetarian option always available.  October menus below.  Click here to view photos of the delivered meal to get a better sense of the generous portion sizes.

Click on the monthly amount according to the number of Sundays you would like a 4-person meal.  Consider adding an additional meal or two each month to donate to one of our newly arrived refugee families whom you would deeply bless by your generosity!  Every Sunday you will receive an email with the coming Sunday's menu; simply let us know by Tuesday if you plan to enjoy that Sunday's meal, wait until the following week, or donate your week's meal to a struggling family.  It's an easy way to support refugee women entrepreneurship, try tasty dishes from around the world, and even learn something new along the way!
 Entrée: Fried Fish (Meat) OR Entrée: Navy beans stew (Vegetarian)
Sides: Collard greens and spinach, Rice, Salad with homemade dressing
Dessert: Baklava

Entree: Spinach and Mushroom (Vegetarian) OR Entree: Sudanese Kebab (Meat)
Side: Chapati flat bread, spicy Sudanese sauce, salad with homemade dressing
Dessert: Baklava

 Entrée: Chicken Samosas (Meat) OR Entrée: Lentils Samosas (Vegetarian)
Sides: Collard greens, spinach with peanut sauce, Injera sour flatbread, spicy Sudanese sauce, salad with homemade dressing
Dessert: Sudanese Kahk (Sugar coated cookies)

Entrée: Lentil Soup (vegetarian) OR Entrée: Stuffed peppers with ground beef and rice (Meat)
Side: Chapati bread, spicy Sudanese sauce, salad with homemade dressing
Dessert: Baklava

(Designed by guest chef Josh Kemble)

Smoky Pumpkin Bisque, Toasted Pepitas, Sage Crema, Smoked Maldon Sea Salt and Mini Grilled Rosemary Sourdough with Gouda and White Cheddar

Long braised, Grass Fed Short Rib with St Luke’s garden-grown mirepoix and — topped with Grilled artichokes in Mole Blanco, served on a bed of Organic Greens with Hashed Yam and Red Pepper
(Veg option available)

Farmer’s Market Honey Glazed Curd Bars : Locally harvested seasonal fruit (varies by what’s picked that week) on a handmade brown butter caramel cookie crust

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