Sunday Dinner

$65 (dinner for four)

$95 (dinner for six)

$120 (dinner for eight)

Enjoy a culinary adventure while supporting refugee women entrepreneurs! Our meal service is currently scheduled for Sundays only and includes a complete meal with a main course, side(s), and dessert.

You can choose to pick up your meal at St. Luke's between 5:00-5:30 pm or delivery between 5:30-7:30 pm (included within 10 miles of St. Luke's, 3725 30th St.). The menu will change weekly and range across a number of world cuisines. Vegetarian options are always available. Click here to view photos of the delivered meal to get a better sense of the generous portion sizes. Once you have paid for your meal, we will contact you to work out the details - all orders must be in by Tuesday for the following Sunday's dinner.  Here is September's menus: 
No Sunday dinner this week ya'll! 


Entree: Mashi - Sudanese stuffed vegetables with ground beef (Meat)
OR Rijla - Red Lentil Stew (Vegetarian)
Side: Rice, spicy peanut sauce, salad with homemade tahini dressing
Dessert: Basbousa


Entree: Chicken Sambusas (Meat)
OR Spinach Sambusas (Vegetarian)
Side: Vegetable mix, salad with homemade tahini dressing
Dessert: Baklava


Entree: Bahmia - Okra stew (Meat)
OR Collard greens with spinach and peanut butter (Vegetarian)
Side: Rice, salad with homemade tahini dressing
Dessert: Basbousa

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