Okra, the soup for the soul

Okra is a popular stew in the continent of Africa. Every country creates this dish with their own unique spices and exquisite taste, and many can tell the difference of these dishes based on the countries they are from.

Today, I am specifically going to talk about the Sudanese dish okra and the many benefits that okra has that you may or may have not heard of. 

For just a half cup of okra, there is only 17 calories which considers it to be a low calorie and no fat food-great for not just weight loss and weight maintenance , but is filled with vitamins and nutrients. Okra has 0 grams of saturated and trans fat, cholesterol and potassium. Okra contains Vitamin C which is great for a healthy immune system and Vitamin K which helps your body with blood clotting.

Did you also know that the antioxidants in okra help your body fight molecules and free radicals that naturally damages cells. The antioxidants that it provides is called polyphenols- this protects your body against stress and pathogens like cancer. Okra supports heart and brain health and controls blood sugar. With the amount of folate that okra contains, this dish is great for those trying to get pregnant and who are already pregnant.


This dish is prepared normally using onions, garlic, oil, meat or without meat, tomatoes and spices like cumin, chicken Maggi, and coriander if you choose. 

To make this dish healthier, depending on your health goals, you can either boil the okra with tomatoes, onions and garlic and blend it or continue to stir it in the pot. You can also add spices to your meat and either put it in the oven to cook without oil, or air fry. 

Spices that you can use are all purpose seasonings that are salt free and now in many grocery stores, they sell salt free seasonings, and "nothing but the bouillon" paste to season food that is also low in sodium compared to the regular brand of chicken and beef bouillon. Using oils like like olive and avocado oil are best when cooking or frying foods because they contain healthy fats compared to corn and vegetable oil.


Use these tips the next time you want to create your favorite okra dish!