Not Having Enough

During this time of difficulty, I know that many are faced with challenges too hard to bear- from being unable to fully pay the bills, feed your family, both, or even barely making it.

During the covid-19 pandemic, though it was a very difficult time for many, it was also a time where there was financial needs met, many people had 1 year or more of not paying for rent or certain bills, and those who qualified and received calfresh ( foodstamps), they also received an extra amount of money every month for food. 

This extra amount has benefited so many because they have been able to buy food for their family that was enough for the whole month. Although many are  grateful to have governmental assistance in San Diego, it is not always enough and they are met with challenges like having to stretch out the little bits of food 1-2+ weeks before their next payment. 

Other challenges that many people are met with is having to buy foods that are not as healthy but are accessible, preserved, and quick and easy. This can come from not having time to eat their meals so they have to find quick meals and healthier options are always more on the expensive side than foods that are considered junk or foods that are high in sugar and fat. 

Fortunately, these foods are available at the food bank held at St. Luke's every Thursday; they offer individuals and families canned goods, fruit, vegetables, and grains that can be eaten on its own or added to your healthy dishes, all free of charge. As the pandemic assistance is coming to an end, and foods will now become harder to buy, this assistance is always readily available to you.