About Yaar Alexander

Welcome to Diving in !  

My name is Yaar Alexander, and I have been a member of St. Lukes since I was four years old, and have had the privilege of growing up in this community.

I am currently a grad student at Liberty University, in their Public Health Nutrition program, and I will be taking what I have learned and applying it in a practicum internship.

St. Lukes provides food weekly through the food bank for refugees, the community of St. Lukes and those in need of food. This is a great resource to have because not only are you getting free food, but nutrient dense foods as well. 

We all know and love our favorite Sudanese cultural dishes, but do you know what is inside the dishes, the nutrition behind it, and also ways to make it healthier?

This semester, my goal is to provide you with this education. 


Thanks for coming along this journey with me, and stay tuned for more !


- Yaar Alexander