Mama Africa Catering San Diego

Healthy and fresh East African and Mediterranean comfort food.

Mama Africa Catering specializes in serving San Diego pan-African cuisine for 10 to 500 guests. Made with the freshest ingredients and prepared with joy, our dishes are the perfect way to add exotic flavors and inspired tastes to your next event.

Whether you're planning a cozy Sunday dinner, a larger-scale wedding, or an extravagant fundraiser,  let us serve you and your guests a taste of our Mama Africa.

Book online, contact Michael at [email protected], or call (619) 298-2130 and start planning your next event, today!



Mama Africa Catering

About Mama Africa Catering

Mama Africa Catering is run by a team of former refugee women, most of whom are from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with a passion for sharing our rich heritage through the many different foods we prepare.

Our recipes reflect the unique cultures that have become a part of us over generations: while most of our recipes are rooted in our original countries in Africa, many of the dishes we offer are also influenced by the cultures and places we have lived or experienced on our journey to our new home in San Diego.

Mama Africa Catering is proud to be the founding social enterprise of RefugeeNet, a San Diego nonprofit dedicated to the vision that all of San Diego's refugee families may one day thrive in this beautiful and expensive city.




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